Accelerating Clean Energy Investment in Solomon Islands

AE is working to address acute offgrid energy needs in Solomon Islands.

A potential project site in Central Province, Solomon Islands. (Photo: Edward Cavanough).

Among Pacific Island nations, Solomon Islands maintains the second highest degree of energy poverty, and remains over-reliant on stand-alone diesel fuel generation to provide basic electricity access to its majority-rural population.

Accelerating Clean Energy Access in Solomon Islands (ACEA-SI) is an Australian Government funded program in Solomon Islands, designed by Archipelago Energy (AE), that is developing a method to address the barriers to clean energy investment in Solomon Islands through the development of real-world projects.

During the project’s two-year lifecycle, AE will work closely with local authorities and communities to identify viable off-grid energy projects in two Solomon Islands’ provinces that currently experience acute energy needs, minimising origination costs for prospective investors.

Concurrently, AE will identify investors, donors and technology solutions providers to invest in these important projects, and develop a novel partnership-facilitation mechanism that expedites the deployment of this needed investment.

The AE initiative is supported by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  • Beneficiaries: Communities in Central and Malaita Provinces, Solomon Islands.

  • Funding partner: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

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