what we do

Archipelago Energy (AE) is a social enterprise working with communities, donors, investors and solutions providers to accelerate and scale clean-energy investment in marginalised, off-grid markets.

Betio, Kiribati

For Communities & Local Businesses

We put beneficiaries first. Always.

AE is working directly with marginalised communities and businesses to convert locally-generated ideas, ambitions and hopes into viable, investment-ready clean-energy projects.

For Investors & Donors

Compiling and aggregating a pipeline of investible projects.

AE is originating and documenting project opportunities for commercial and impact returns. We are creating aggregated investible project portfolios  to lower transaction costs for investors and donors seeking commercial or blended investment in off-grid renewable energy markets.

For Renewable Energy Technology and Service Providers

Enabling simpler access to new off-grid projects and market opportunities.

AE is building a one-stop-shop and associated partnership building services to make it simpler for renewable energy technology and service providers to source project opportunities, negotiate project partnerships and enter new markets.

For NGOs and Philanthropic Organisations

Enabling off-grid renewable energy projects that underpin local development programs.

AE partners with not-for-profit organisations in their local programs. by bringing the necessary experience and partners to create financially sustainable off-grid renewable energy projects. Reliable, ongoing access to affordable energy underpins local program design and intervention, and sustains development outcomes  in community schools, health centres and households.