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AE is on a mission to tackle the barriers prohibiting clean energy investment in markets most in need.

Project Sourcing and Origination

AE works with local communities and governments to proactively identify and originate bankable off-grid energy projects in marginalised markets. Our approach is hands on, in-country, informed by local knowledge, and designed to build trust from Day 1. 

Investment Facilitation

AE connects investors and donors to meaningful clean-energy projects by reducing the complexity, expense and risks associated with sourcing projects in challenging settings. AE increases investibility by aggregating projects and streamlining project documentation to simplify due diligence and reduce risk and transaction costs.

Project Aggregation

Project scale in remote off-grid settings is a significant barrier to project development. AE is reducing the cost of originating, analysing and documenting projects by creating scale efficiencies into an otherwise highly inefficient project development process in these settings. Standardised documentation and project design approaches enable consolidated project portfolios and the streamlining of delivery partnerships involved in procurement, installation and operations, compared to one off project approaches. AE’s project portfolio approach enables the application of investor or donor criteria to project pools and reduces the per project cost of investing into a larger number of projects. 

Advice & Strategy

Mobilising local knowledge, AE provides strategic advice to firms, NGOs, donors, and other organisations aspiring to meaningfully contribute to energy poverty alleviation. 

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