Equitable Energy,


Archipelago Energy is accelerating equitable clean energy access in marginalised off-grid markets across Oceania, the Asia-Pacific and Africa.



Project Sourcing and Origination

AE works with local communities, donors, investors and clean-tech firms to proactively identify and originate bankable off-grid energy projects in marginalised markets. Our approach is hands on, in-country, and informed by local knowledge.

Investment Facilitation

AE connects investors and donors to meaningful clean-energy projects by reducing the complexity, expenses and risks associated with investment in often challenging, but energy-deprived, markets. 

Project Aggregation

AE is injecting economies of scale into otherwise inefficient projects by creating aggregated portfolios across which procurement, installation and operational expenses can be streamlined, risk mitigated, and return maximised.

Advice & Strategy

Mobilising local knowledge, AE provides strategic advice to firms, NGOs, donors, and other organisations aspiring to meaningfully contribute to energy poverty alleviation.

Equitable Energy, Everywhere. Equitable Energy, Everywhere.
Equitable Energy, Everywhere. Equitable Energy, Everywhere.


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